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How do seasonal changes affect antenna performance?

Part I: Introduction to Signal Monitoring


In this issue, we will deepen our understanding of one of the fundamental components of SIGINT: signal monitoring.
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How do seasonal changes affect antenna performance?

How do Seasonal Changes Affect Antenna Performance?


Winter is officially in season! With its onset comes harsher weather conditions and colder temperatures. In this post, we explore how the changing seasons affect antenna performance.
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Flat Panel Antenna Circuit Board | JEM Engineering

The Outlook on Flat Panel Antennas


As the name suggests, a flat panel antenna, or FPA, is a simple directional antenna that is low-profile.
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5G and Beyond | JEM Engineering Blog

5G and Beyond


In this post, we briefly introduce 5G and contextualize the technology’s potential in the defense sector.
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Dipoles | Dipole Antennas



In this post, we explain the key distinctions between SIGINT, COMINT, and ELINT.
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Maritime Antennas

Antennas for Maritime Applications


In this post, we will answer some of the most common questions regarding marine antennas.
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RFD-8696 | 901-0041-001 | RFID Transducer

Narrowband Vs. Wideband


In this post, we will be making some general comparisons between narrowband and wideband communications.
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Sierpinski Triangle Fractal | Fractal Antennas | JEM Engineering | Blog

Fractal Antennas, Explained


Fractal antennas, as the name suggests, are based on the concept of a fractal, which is a recursively generated geometry that has fractional dimensions. While fractals antennas have many complexities that can be discussed at length, in this post, we will examine the basics of fractal antennas.
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Transmitter | Smart Antenna | JEM Engineering

What is a Smart Antenna?


The textbook definition of a smart antenna is “an antenna array with digital signal processing algorithms, which identify spatial signatures.” Using these spatial signatures, the smart antenna calculates beamforming vectors, which are then used to track and locate the antenna beam on a mobile or target. Read more →

Linear Antenna Polarizations

Intro to Antenna Polarization


The polarization of an antenna is loosely defined as the direction of the electromagnetic fields produced by the antenna as energy radiates away from it. Read more →

Microstrip Antennas Hero Image | JEM Engineering

Microstrip Antennas: The Basics


In a previous post, we introduced microstrip antennas. In this post, we explore their basic characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks.
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Rigid Loop Antennas | JEM Engineering

Design Overview: Loop Antennas


Loop antennas come in many forms, but their overarching distinction is that they are relatively simply constructed, yet very versatile. Read more →

Antenna Environmental Testing

Antenna Development & Environmental Testing


Antenna environmental testing is a crucial part of its qualification. Depending on which application(s) an antenna is to be used for, the environmental qualification standards for which it has to pass will vary.
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Genetic Antenna History

Antennas: A History


In honor of our seventeenth anniversary, we invite you to take a look at some major research developments and trends in antenna history over the past century.
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Magnetic Flux Channel Antenna | JEM Engineering

Honoring Black Engineers


JEM Engineeringis a minority owned company and in honor of Black History Month we would like to shine light on two Black engineers who have made an impact in the world of engineering.
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An Introduction to RF Testing | JEM Engineering

An Introduction to RF Testing


RF testing is used to measure a variety of different antenna attributes. In this post, we discus a few ways in which rf testing can help determine if your device is performing the way it should.
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HSA 6" Spiral | Broadband Antenna | JEM Engineering

Antenna 101: Types and Applications


In this article, we take a look at some of the different antenna types, and what applications they can be used for.
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UAV Blade Antennas | JEM Engineering

Blade Antennas & Their Advantages


In a previous post, we introduced blade antennas in relation to flight qualified antennas. In this post, we elaborate on what blade antennas are, as well as their advantages.
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Black History Month | African Americans in STEM

Honoring African Americans in STEM


February 1 marks the beginning of Black History Month. Every February, we take an opportunity to spotlight the historical contributions made by African Americans in STEM. This year, we celebrate Dr. George Robert Carruthers and Annie Easely.
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Signal Conditioning | Isolator | JEM Engineering

The Role of Antennas in ISR


In this post, we briefly discuss the basics of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR).
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Signal Conditioning | Isolator | JEM Engineering

What is Signal Conditioning?


In this post, we introduce the concept of signal conditioning, as well as give examples of different types of signal conditioners.
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Unmanned Operations

Scaling Unmanned Operations for Defense


In this post, we explore some of the opportunities and challenges facing unmanned operations in the defense sector.
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Explaining VSWR


In this post, we explore VSWR in further detail, as a general concept and as it relates to validating antennas.
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Dipoles | Dipole Antennas

Dipoles: The Simplest, Most Common Antenna


As it’s name suggests, in its basic form, a dipole antenna consists of two conductive elements, unlike a monopole antenna, which has one.
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AESA Illustration | JEM Engineering

AESAs: Active Electronically Steered Array


Primarily used in radar systems, an AESA is a type of computer-controlled phased array antenna in which the beam of radio waves can be electronically steered in different directions without physically moving the antenna.
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Black History Month | JEM Engineering

Black History Month 2021


As a minority-owned business, JEM Engineering proudly celebrates Black History Month.
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Black History Month | JEM Engineering

Radiofrequency Test Fixtures


Dielectric (non-conductive) materials, such as foam and wood, for example, are ideal for test fixturing.
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Frequency Band | JEM Engineering

Frequency Bands & Applications


The textbook definition of a frequency band is an interval in the frequency domain, delimited by a lower frequency and upper frequency. 
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Remote Radiofrequency Testing | JEM Engineering

Remote Radiofrequency Testing


JEM Engineering offers all of our customers the added convenience of performing remote radiofrequency testing.
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Beamforming | JEM Engineering

What is Beamforming?


Antenna environmental testing is a crucial part of its qualification. Depending on which application(s) an antenna is to be used for, the environmental qualification standards for which it has to pass will vary.
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Jamming Antennas | Jammers | JEM Engineering

An Introduction to Jammers


While “interference” generally describes unintentional forms of disruption during wireless communications, “jamming” describes the deliberate interference with or blocking of such communications.
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Jamming Antennas | Jammers | JEM Engineering

Which Testing Chamber? TATF vs. SNF


While our experts can easily determine which chamber is suitable for a particular test, it’s also helpful to know what each chamber’s capabilities are.
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Flight qualified Antennas | UAV | JEM Engineering

An Overview of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles — and their Antennas


An unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV, refers to a vehicle that is able to fly remotely, either with some sort of controller or autonomously.
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Why I Chose a Career in STEM | JEM Engineering

STEM Day 2017


In celebration of STEM Day (November 8) we asked our CEO, Nancy Lilly, and our Director of Antenna Development, Victor Sanchez, why they decided to pursue a career in STEM, and this is what they said…
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Qualification Capabilities

Are Your Antennas Up to the Test?


Like with most products, an antenna’s outstanding performance in the field must be preceded by outstanding performance in the lab.
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Concealed Antennas | JEM Engineering

Industry Spotlight: Concealed Antennas


In this blog post, we will explore what concealed antennas are, how they work, and some of their benefits.
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Radar Antenna | JEM Engineering Blog

Introduction to Radar Antennas


In this post, we will briefly explain how radar systems work, as well as introduce the most common types of radar antenna.
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Introduction to RF Filters


A radiofrequency filter is a component that improves the performance of an antenna by allowing it to be more precise with which signals it receives. In this post, we briefly introduce RF filtering, as well as describe four different kinds of RF filters.
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Hidden Figures

Improving Antenna Performance with RF Over Fiber


In this post, we introduce another technology that we expect to see more of as the industry continues to favor versatile, low-maintenance, and cost-effective solutions: RF over fiber.
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Hidden Figures

Black History Month: NASA's Hidden Figures


This year, we celebrate Dorothy Vaughan, Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, and Christine Darden, NASA’s Hidden Figures.
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Corona & Multipaction Effects on Space Antennas

Corona & Multipaction Effects on Space Based Antennas


In this post, we will be discussing two types of effects that are potentially damaging to RF components: corona discharge and multipaction effects.
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Dual High Band Vivaldi Antenna

Anatomy of a Vivaldi Antenna


The Vivaldi antenna, also known as a tapered slot antenna (TSA), is a type of linear-polarized planar antenna invented by Peter Gibson in 1978, who originally called it the Vivaldi Aerial.
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Biconical Antenna

Introduction to the Biconical Antenna


The phrase “biconical antenna” describes a broadband antennas that are made up of two roughly conical conductive objects.
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JEM Engineering MFC Antennas Aerospace Antenna

Advancements in Aerospace Antenna Design


With the latest advancements brought upon by more research and development, aerospace antenna design has continued to steer away from traditional manufacturing materials and methods.
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Spiral Antennas | Archimean Spiral Logarithmic Spiral | JEM Engineering

Large Bandwidths in Small Packages: Spiral Antennas


Spiral antennas are a type of frequency independent antenna first introduced in the 1950s.
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Genetic Antennas | JEM Engineering

What is a Smart Antenna?


First appearing in the 1990s, genetic antennas, also known as “evolved antennas,” resemble intricately bent paperclips attached to a radio frequency connector. 
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Flight-Qualified Antenna | JEM Engineering

The Many Forms of a Flight-Qualified Antenna


In order for an antenna to be qualified for mounting onto a non-stationary ground plane, it has to meet stricter vibration testing standards than it would for stationary mounting.
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Antenna Miniaturization | JEM Engineering | Blade Antenna

Antenna Miniaturization


As the phrase suggests, antenna miniaturization is the process of replicating an antenna’s functionality while reducing its physical size. Read more →

Magnetic Flux Channel Antenna | JEM Engineering

What is a Magnetic Flux Channel Antenna?


Years ago, JEM Engineering developed the Magnetic Flux Channel Antenna. Now, the company has a series of these types of antennas, nicknamed MFC Antennas. 
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Genetic Antenna History

STEM Day 2018


Did you know that National STEM Day falls on the 8th of November each year? That’s because the abbreviation “NOV8” actually stands for “INNOVATE.”
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3D Printing

Reshaping Antenna Design with 3D Printing


As we discussed in a previous post, before we can manufacture, we must prototype. For this step in the process, we are beginning to explore additive manufacturing, or as it’s more commonly known, 3D printing.
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Antenna Design | JEM Engineering

The Makings of a Reliable Antenna


Every product, specialty or off-the-shelf, must be designed, tested, and perfected by a team of experts, so that the end-user can be assured of its reliability.
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