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Tapered Antenna Test Facility

Powerful antenna validation capabilities over a wide frequency range.

Our TATF Chamber allows us to test antennas and antenna systems for a variety of applications.

TATF Chamber Capabilities

Measurement accuracy is critical. Our TATF Chamber allows us to accurately measure

      • Axial Ratio from 80 MHz to 40 GHz
      • Radiation Patterns
      • Gain
          • Max Linear & Min Linear
          • H & V
          • Average
          • Peak
              • ± 1.0 dB from 80 to 400 MHz
              • ± 0.7 dB from 400 MHz to 1 GHz
              • ± 0.5 dB from 1 GHz to 18 GHz

Source Antenna Coverage

This log scale shows the coverage of each of our standard source antennas.

Additionally, we use a variety of source antennas to minimize the number of setups required per test, thereby reducing the time and expense required to get the data you need.


Customers have the option to design, as well as provide their own fixtures.

Our existing structures allow us to fixture multiple antennas during the allotted test time. If the weight of the antenna under test is off-center by more than 36”, or if the antenna requires a specific configuration, a custom fixture may be necessary.

We have a .pdf file of the mounting pattern (below) for your reference, but we can also provide a .dxf file upon request.

For more information about our TATF Chamber or for general questions about our chamber rental servies, feel free to call us at (301) 317-1070 x. 113 or email us at sales@jemengineering.com.

Antenna Development

Downloadable Files

TATF Roll Arm Bolt Pattern (PDF)

Hourly Rates for Antenna Testing Services

Passive Test Requirement Agreement & Test Plan

Customer Terms & Conditions

To get started on the RF testing process, please send a completed version of your Passive Test Requirement Agreement & Test Plan to sales@jemengineering.com.