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Spherical Near-Field Chamber

The fastest facility available for full 4 pi steradian data collection.

Using an array of electronically scanned probes to scan a full 360˚ measurement plane, our technicians can complete measurements in minutes, rather than hours.

SNF Chamber Capabilities

Our SNF chamber can perform tests over frequencies from 400 MHz to 6 GHz, enabling testing of antennas for AMP, PCS, GSM, Bluetooth™, IEEE 802.11, GPS and other new and evolving wireless systems.

Mounting the antennas in free space or on human subjects allows us to measure

      • Radiation patterns
      • Efficiency
      • Average gain
      • Human body interaction to the radiating device
      • and more!

Physical Setup

The range has a Styrofoam column with a flat foam table in the center of the ring. Antennas are positioned on top of the column.

We have a laser sight to help center the antenna in the ring.

Foam blocks and pieces are available to help position oddly shaped samples. Other fixtures can be used to mount equipment that will not work with a foam column.

All antennas must fit inside the Antenna Quiet Zone for the duration of the test. Measurement accuracy is dramatically reduced outside of the Quiet Zone.


Customers have the option to design, as well as provide their own fixtures.

Our existing structures allow us to fixture multiple antennas during the allotted test time. If the weight of the antenna under test is off-center by more than 36”, or if the antenna requires a specific configuration, a custom fixture may be necessary.

We have a .pdf file of the mounting pattern (below) for your reference, but we can also provide a .dxf file upon request.

400 MHz Dipole

3D Data Plot

2D Data Plot

2450 MHz Steered Array

2450MHz Steered Array-3D Data Plot | SNF Chamber | JEM Engineering

3D Data Plot

2D Data Plot

1850 MHz CP Spiral

1850MHz CP Dipole-3D Data Plot| SNF Chamber | JEM Engineering

3D Data Plot

2D Data Plot

Data Output

  • 2D Radiation Patterns
  • 3D Radiation Patterns
  • Swept Gain Plots
  • Efficiency Plots
  • ASCII Data Files including
      • Amplitude
      • Axial ratio
      • Polarization
      • Phase
For more information about our SNF Chamber or for general questions about our chamber rental servies, feel free to call us at (301) 317-1070 x. 113 or email us at sales@jemengineering.com.
Antenna Development

Downloadable Files

SNF Mounting Pattern (PDF)

Hourly Rates for Antenna Testing Services

Passive Test Requirement Agreement & Test Plan

Customer Terms & Conditions

To get started on the RF testing process, please send a completed version of your Passive Test Requirement Agreement & Test Plan to sales@jemengineering.com.