Your Source for Airborne Antenna Products

Designed to operate in higher altitudes and meet some of the most rigorous environmental testing standards.

Cutting-Edge Magnetic Flux Channel Technology

We have developed a series of of Magnetic Flux Channel Antennas, which, unlike traditional antennas, do not use electric charge to achieve radiation.

Quick-Reaction Novel Antenna Products

We have an extensive product line of antennas, covering a spectrum from 2 MHz to 40 GHz.

Custom Antenna Development & Qualification

We specialize in developing unique antennas for commercial and military use.

Rapid Radiofrequency Testing

We house two RF test chambers at our facility in Laurel, Maryland, within easy reach of both Baltimore and Washington DC.

Antenna Products

Antenna Products

Our production-ready novel antenna products can be quickly tailored to meet your specific needs.

Custom Development

Custom Development

On the cutting edge of antenna and RF technologies, we strive to improve and develop new designs and methodologies.

Antenna Testing

RF Testing

With our in-house testing capabilities, we can not only facilitate the design process, but also validate your product.


Our extremely rugged and durable vehicle-mounted antennas are specifically designed for multi-use operations.


Our extensive product line includes antennas covering the frequency spectrum from 2 MHz to 40 GHz, including a number of HF, UHF, and VHF antennas designed specifically for airborne platforms.


We specialize in low-profile, ultra-wideband receive antennas with mounting capability on stationary locations, or on vehicles.


We design and build a wide range of products for signal intelligence (SIGINT) and Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR), and electronic intelligence (ELINT) antenna applications.


Our high-power handheld antennas are expertly designed for wideband communications and deliver class-leading gain and pattern.

Custom Design & Development

We offer in-house rapid prototyping and testing services. Our RF test chambers are located within easy reach of both Baltimore and Washington DC.

Our capabilities not only facilitate the design process, but also allow us to validate your product.

Collapsible Antenna | JEM Engineering
Collapsible Antenna | JEM Engineering

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Rapid RF Testing Services

We understand the challenges facing antenna, microwave and communication system engineers. Also, we realize that accurate measurement of antenna electrical performance is critical.

Our customers have the advantage of working with our knowledgeable and experienced RF technicians and engineers, who provide guidance and support to the testing experience, as well as assist with data analysis and interpretation.

80 MHz to 40 GHz

Experienced Engineers

Fastest Test Chamber Available

Near- & Far-Field Testing

Extensive Capabilities

Multiple Data Formats

How can we help?

We are dedicated to being your antenna design and testing resource. 

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (301) 317-1070 or email us at Our experts are always happy to assist!

Featured Products

LBC-0718 | 901-0189-000


Broadband Antenna

UVW-0380A | 901-0216-000 | VHF/UHF Aerospace Blade Antenna


VHF/UHF Aerospace Blade Antennaa


Low-Profile MFC Antenna

JEM-0221A | 901-0212-000 | Broadband Omni Antenna


Broadband Omni Antenna


We are dedicated to expanding and improving our quality management system to embrace the SAE Aerospace Standard, AS9100D.


Since our inception, JEM Engineering has been committed to both our customers and to our surrounding community.