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Remote Radiofrequency Testing

May 2020
Remote Radiofrequency Testing | JEM Engineering
JEM Engineering offers all of our customers the added convenience of performing remote radiofrequency testing

We find that most of our customers prefer to visit our facilities for their scheduled radiofrequency tests. However, JEM also offers the option of remote testing, which may be preferable, depending on the specific requirements and circumstances.

The main purpose of our remote testing is to provide customers with the same quality rf tests without the need to travel (and the expenses associated with travel). Remote testing also comes at no extra cost. Our invoicing only takes into account our current rates and how much chamber time is spent on each test, no more, no less. 

The process of scheduling a remote test is as simple as scheduling an onsite test and involves no additional paperwork.

1. Call or email us to begin the quoting process. Whenever a customer inquires after our in-house or remote radiofrequency testing services, we walk them through the same steps to determine how much chamber time is needed to complete the test. The customer fills out a form, which outlines the passive test requirements. Once we receive the form (which we commonly refer to as the “Test Plan”), we start generating the quote. Depending on the requirements, we can then determine whether or not the test is suitable for remote testing – and most tests are. 

2. We schedule the test together. If a test date has not been specified prior to quoting, our team will consult with the customer to determine the best available date(s) to perform the test.

3. The customer ships the unit(s) and any additional equipment necessary to complete the test. The customer is responsible for any applicable fees associated with shipping and insurance.

4. Upon receipt of the components, we begin the test as scheduled. Throughout the testing process, our experts remain in communication with our customers to eliminate any confusion and ensure accurate results.

5. When the test is complete, we ship everything back, carefully packaged. We work with the recipient to send every component back via their preferred courier.

6. We invoice the customer. Our standard invoicing schedule is Net 10. Any deviation from this payment method will have been discussed prior to scheduling the test.

Our company takes pride in our flexibility when working with customers. 

We understand that sometimes an onsite test becomes a remote test. In the event that travel is either inconvenient or no longer feasible, our technicians will perform the test(s) as scheduled, provided that we have received all the necessary components. If there is any delay on the sender’s part, we will also hold customer property for a specified amount of time, as outlined by our Terms and Conditions.*

In summation, almost any and every test performed onsite can be done completely remotely. As long as we have all the applicable components in-house, our experts can perform tests on even the largest units and with the most complex pieces of equipment.

* First-time customers receive a copy of our Terms & Conditions

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